Grand Piano

Baby Grand Piano

This is definitely not a self move option, this information is shared so you can appreciate the effort and consider using a mover and not your friends.

You will need a piano board, 4 wheel dollie, straps, blankets and tools.

Grand Piano Diagram

Remove the lid, usually the hinges have a removable pin that you can slide out, if not remove the whole hinge.  Blanket the lid using tape or bands to keep them on it.

Remove the music rack. usually this slides out toward the front of the piano.  Blanket this.

The pedals are next. There are usually rods that help brace the pedals. The rods are either held in place with a bracket or are fitted into slots on the piano and others on the pedals. The pedals are held with screws or allen keys. When you take them out, mark them. The legs and pedals all use similar screws and some are specific to the location they come from. The pedal assembly will fall straight down unless it is “keyed”  (a wedge that slides in a iron hole) . If it is keyed, tap it on the top toward you, it will slide and you can remove it.

I usually place some newsprint over the keys and close the cover. The paper should be just tight enough that the cover wants to stay in place.

Now it gets fun. You have to remove the legs. Place the piano board on the floor by the front left corner. If you need to attach the straps to the board, do it now. Some boards allow you to do that later.

Start with the front leg on the flat side of the piano. We have 2 men support (don’t lift yet, just support) the corner and one man is underneath. Remove the screws or allen keys and mark them. The leg will be keyed like the foot pedal or just have locating pins. Have the men lift a few inches, get out from underneath,  remove the leg and slowly lower it onto the piano board. Look at the leg where it met the piano and you should see some marking that labels it #1. If you do not see the mark, make one yourself and label each leg when you get to them if they are not marked.

Piano Board

The piano is now resting on 3 points, 2 legs and the piano corner.

Get the guys around the piano and roll it up onto the piano board. You should have a piano on its side with 2 legs still attached. remove those legs and mark the screws. The front leg is often shorter than the other and will have different size screws.

Pad the piano completely with blankets. (Pad the legs and pedals as well)

Baby Grand Piano move

Baby Grand Piano move

The piano board comes with straps that either attach on its side or pass through the board. I always lay another pad or blanket where the straps pass over the piano. You can easily have a few hundred pounds of pressure on this strap when it is tight.

Lift the piano by the front end of the piano board. This is a tipping action, the heel of the board should be on the ground. Lift high enough that you can place the dollie underneath and lower the board. You should be able to easily roll it now.

Baby Grand Piano

BD Movers moving a Baby Grand Piano

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