Innovative moving crate with NJ Mover, BD Movers

Moving the flat screen TV’s, the pictures and the mirrors can be a hassle on moving day. It takes time to pack them and adds cost to your move. BD Movers has started using what we call the “Tony box” to speed up the move and save our customers money.

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Hurricane Irene is coming so yell at your mover!

Hurricane Irene is coming so yell at your mover!

Hurricane Irene

We all see Irene heading our way. The forecasters can’t tell us exactly where or exactly when.

We are getting calls from all our moves for Saturday through Monday telling us they want to change their moving date by a day.

FYI: the busiest week of the year for moving is next week, followed by the 1st week in September. No mover has openings right now.

How do I handle the panicky calls? As politely as I can I explain the situation, but let’s be honest here. The people moving Tuesday are thrilled the storm came Monday and missed them. Do you think they would mind being bumped because it rained on your day?

We even had a call from a clients lawyer telling us this was not acceptable. I have so many trucks, so many men and only so many hours in a day. The stress is getting high here!

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)


Attacked by a client!

Time for our appointment

Attacked by a client

I showed up for an estimate the other day at 1pm, our agreed appointment time.

A confused women met me at the door, “who are you, what do your want?”

“I’m Tony, BD Movers, here for our moving estimate”

“I cancelled our appointment!”  “OK, I did not get that message. Have a good day”

” I tell you I cancelled it!” “OK”

I walk to my car, she follows yelling at me. I get in my car with her still yelling.

She bangs on my car window and shows me her cell phone, “See! I called at 5:15 this morning!”

“OK, I believe you” ” I called!”

I drove away with her still talking. My spider sense is telling me we are better off not moving her.

Spidey Sense

Attacked by a client

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)


Moving Journal: Guns, crashes, priests and hoarders

The summer season means its the moving season. Book your mover early, or you might have trouble getting one.

Household Guns

I've got a gun and I know how to use it

I was in a house the other day that had guns in every room (most rooms) . I did not find a gun cabinet to be moved. Guns leaning against walls, guns lying on tables….and art everywhere. Paintings on the walls and some sculptures they had collected over the years. Does this seem odd to you?

Hoarders home

Hoarders Home

I met with a couple that fit the definition of  “hoarder”. It is always a delicate discussion during the estimate because some realize they hoard and others think its normal. Packing items that should be thrown out seems wrong to me. They have tons of old papers and TV Guides. Do they still print TV Guides?

Lawyers oops


We had an issue with a house move. The people buying and selling the house were told different days by their lawyers. They each booked us to move them on different days. Unfortunately the buyers wanted the house on Monday, not Tuesday like the seller thought was closing day. Both sides were angry, not at me, but it sure sounded that way. The seller cancelled his move with us and called his sons in to help out.

Pickup crash

Pickup fender bender

Speaking of angry clients. One client hired her son to move all the boxes and small stuff before our move with her. He was in an accident causing 5000 dollars of damage to his truck and injuries to himself. (none really bad, but he was battered up a bit) Since movers charge to move the boxes, and they were only doing this to save money, they reasoned that the movers must be at fault for this mishap. (No claim was filed, they were just letting me know)


Older Priest I've not moved

Strangest recent move: We helped a priest move out of his house to a smaller place. He lived in a gated community and gave us a different name as the customer. (Legit reasons but a little convoluted). The gate security would not let us in because we had the wrong name and his the house phone was not working. Our declarations of honestly were met with skepticism. Eventually we persuaded the gate security to drive down and confirm the move.  I understand the problem, often when seniors are not around or in the hospital, family members clean out the home. They have to be very careful.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)


Book your mover early, it’s the Summer Rush!

Book early!

Most moving companies are busiest during the summer months, if fact, some movers get 70% of their business, these 3 months. After 3 years of waiting, most movers are reporting an increase in business. What this means for the consumer is that we have limited amount of equipment and men to do the moving.

Shippers, (those moving) , should try to book their moving company as early as possible. I would guess half the recent calls we got were for moves this week. We could not help them because we were booked already.

Decide on your mover early, check them out thoroughly, and reserve your date. Some movers will require a deposit when you book. It is usually refundable with enough notice and it guarantees the company has reserved a crew and truck for your move. (policies are different from company to company so ask lots of questions!)

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)


But my piano was only $50!

older piano

but my piano only cost...

We move pianos. We charge a pretty reasonable fee to do so.

Yet the first words I hear  50% of the time is “but I only paid…” or “but I got it for free..”

The reality is someone gave or sold you a 400 – 900 pound piece of furniture. Movers move heavy things, some with value and some without value. The value has little to do with the moving cost, the weight does.

If pianos were made of wicker and feathers, you would not be calling a piano mover.

So… if you are looking to buy a piano or if someone is blessing you with a free piano, consider what will affect your moving cost.

Is it a spinet or grand? (Grands are more expensive)

Is is on ground level or are there stairs? (Gravity is your enemy and affects the price)

Is it going to moved a short distance or far?

Can we move any day or does it need to be on Saturday at 430 PM? (exact times cost more)

Finally, is it worth buying the piano? Cost to consider are: refinishing it (a few hundred?) ,  moving it (a couple of hundred?) and then tuning it (a hundred?)

My final observation is this. Every piano will eventually be given away, usually within a generation.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)


Inappropriate Clothing!

under dressed

Inappropriate clothing

I was on an estimate last week. The temps in NJ on that day were around 100 degrees and my appointment did not have air conditioning.

I know they did not have AC because a large sweaty man in “tighty whities” met me at the door. Luckily his wife showed up at the same time as me and told him to get some pants on.  I was uncomfortable, why wasn’t he?

Leave it to Beaver

Appropriate clothing?

On the other end of the scale are some of my senior clients. I am so charmed by an older women that meets her appointments in nice clothes. I’ve had some that looked as if they were on the way to the opera they had dressed so nice. Am I suggesting we all go back to the images of June Cleaver as our model? No, but I do believe we could find a middle ground.

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How to say hello overseas

international moves

How to say hello overseas

Moveone recently published an interesting article on the dos and don’ts when you are overseas. Each culture has accepted ways of saying hello and greeting each other. Some examples from their article;

In Arab countries, close male friends or colleagues hug and kiss both cheeks. They shake hands with the right hand only, for longer but less firmly than in the West. Contact between the opposite genders in public is considered obscene. Do not offer to shake hands with the opposite sex.

n the USA, it is normal for men to shake hands when they meet, but it is quite unusual for men to kiss when they greet each other. Greetings are casual – a handshake, a smile and a ‘hello’ will do just fine.

The British often simply say ‘hello’ when they meet friends. They usually shake hands only when they meet for the first time. Social kissing, often just a peck on the cheek,  is common in an informal situation between men and women and also between women who know each other very well.

French nationals, including children, shake hands with their friends and often kiss them on both cheeks, both upon meeting and leaving.

In Japan, the common greeting for men and women as well is to bow when they greet someone, as opposed to  giving a casual handshake or a hug.

The whole article can be read at here

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You water your garden, why not your movers?

NJ hot tempatures

You water the garden, why not your movers?

It was 100 plus degrees yesterday in NJ.

When I worked on the trucks every day I appreciated a glass of water more than anything. It is not uncommon for us to drop 5  or more pounds of weight carrying furniture and boxes on a hot day.

You water your garden, why not your movers?

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)


It is not my fault you are moving!

motel signage

It is not my fault you are moving

Occasionally I meet people that are sooooo mad because they are moving.

Yesterday I met with a man moving to Virginia.  He was cranky and did not like having to meet movers. Everything was a problem and no solutions suited him.

The last straw for him was that his lawyers had set up the closings 5 days apart and he wanted to know what I was going to do about the fact he needed to get a hotel room.

I was confused, it seemed obvious that was not my problem. He felt because I was moving his stuff and he would not have a bed while I was moving him, I should pay for the room til I delivered the furniture.  We parted with each of us feeling the other was unreasonable.

My take away, perceptions are unique to everyone. The exact same issue will be seen from vastly different points of view.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!